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All the tips to decorate your house with the most original Christmas decorations.

In just a week it will be Christmas and we know that most of you had already been decorating However, for those who haven’t had time yet, we can give you the perfect tips to decorate your house in just a few minutes. Are you ready?

Enjoy your famil’s company

Let´s start with the Christmas tree, the master piece of every Xmas decoration. It always ensures a warm and familiar atmosphere, so let´s get to it!

First of all, it depends on the kind of tree you bought ; if it’s an artificial tree you need to open it’s branches and leaves out well, so that the tree gains it’s maximum volume. If it’s a natural tree, you just need to check that it’s branches are healthy.

Once this has been verified, we can start with the decoration. First, we add the lights, secondly, the garlands and the last thing we add are small decorations such as shinny balls, small Xmas socks and stars.

Decorating a Xmas tree is something very personal, but if you follow these simple instructions, you will certainly be able to enjoy a beautiful and nicely decorated Christmas home. Besides, it’s a good opportunity to spend time with your family and friends.

If you don’t have a Christmas tree, just create one!

There are so many alternatives that can replace the traditional tree, just think…

It’s as easy as letting your imagination run wild, from stacking a few boxes and putting Xmas decoration on them, to using house plants to simulate one. The important thing is to keep the Christmas spirit alive. You’ll see how great it looks!

Plant pots and Poinsettias.

In Plastiken we love Christmas, and that’s why we want to share another tip with you to decorate your home.

Have you ever thought about dressing your hall at home with Poinsettia flowers? It´s red colour transmits peace and illusion and traditionally it´s the perfect present in these festivities because of it´s purity. So why not place it with in a fancy plant pot?

Doric pots

Our Doric pot and Poinsettia plants are the perfect combination to welcome your guests.

Happy Holidays

When you have finished decorating , the only thing left to do is to enjoy Xmas with all your family and Friends. We really hope you liked this post, and please share with your other contacts!

¡Merry Christmas!


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